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Personal Training Manager

Job Location:

Kingston, Jamaica

Job Description:

Job Requirements:

Ensure members receive their desired results.

Head of personal Training is responsible for handling fitness assessment appointments.

Excel in Personal Sales by exceeding personal training sales goals, personally handling potential renewals, and following the Standards of Performance for Personal Trainers.

Increase personal training production by working closely with training staff, holding them accountable to meeting and exceeding the standards of performance.

Oversee and role model proper execution of job description.

Proper execution of fitness assessment appointments.

Adapt a constant recruitment attitude, interviewing at least two people per week.

Train and coach staff with daily meetings, performance contracts, praising and reprimanding where needed, anticipating and addressing problems in a timely manner.

WOW our members by being a members manager, being on the floor using the 20 and 10 foot rules, and anticipating and exceeding our members expectations daily. Be Seen! Be personable!

Able to easily and successfully meet and interrelate with potential and existing members
Creative thinker; able to implement new ideas and creatively alter existing programs
Able to praise, recommend new ways of performing tasks, and encourage and motivate trainers and team leaders.

Personal Skills:
Must be passionate about the fitness industry
Must be a skilled and persuasive communicator
Must be personable and friendly with all personality types
Must be detail oriented

Job Requirements:

Head of Personal Training should have a current personal training certification through a nationally-accredited organization.

Continuing fitness education is required in order to retain valid certification. In addition, completing a diploma or an associate's or bachelor's degree program in exercise physiology or a related field can be beneficial but is not subjected to.

Personal traits such as honesty, integrity, compassion, and most of all, communication skills, are needed to be successful in this career. The profession's goal is to work with and motivate others, so it's important to remain energetic and personable at all times.

How To Apply:

Send resume to Jae@sprytraining.com

Contact Information:

Contact: Jae Edwards
Director of Training
Sprytraining Fitness Limited
Email: Jae Edwards
Website: www.sprytraining.com


February 19, 2017

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