Sprytraining Fitness Limited
Spry training is a fitness facility based in London UK, and have operations in Jamaica. Our main goal is to assist individuals to achieve their goals, whether to lose weight, gain weight or simply making fitness apart of their lives. At Spry training we aim to provide a service that meets each of our client’s exact requirements.

Our team consists of expert; nutritionists, physio-therapist, medical doctors and trainers whose focus is to utilize both conventional and unconventional training methods and principles along with nutrition to ensure clients achieve their goals.

Not only are we constantly acquiring new certification within our fields but we also utilize the broad base of experience that we gain from working with all types of clients and athletes from all around the world in various sports and fields.

Job Application Instructions:

Send resume to Jae@sprytraining.com

Contact Information:

Contact: Jae Edwards
Director of Training
Sprytraining Fitness Limited
Email: Jae Edwards
WWW: www.sprytraining.com


Personal Training Manager
Job Requirements: Ensure members receive their desired results. Head of personal Training is responsible for handling fitness assessment appointments....
Location: Kingston, JM
Posted on: Sun, 19 Feb 2017 by Sprytraining Fitness Limited