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Department of State - Agency Wide

Foreign Service Facility Manager

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Job Location

Manama, Bahrain

Job Description

The U.S. Department of State is hiring Foreign Service Facility Managers. Joining the Foreign Service is more than just salary. Refer to the Benefits section for more information on total compensation. Visit for more information on FM careers with the Bureau of Overseas Building Operations (OBO). Note: the salary listed is the low ($70,009) from the FS Overseas Comparability Payscale and the high is from the FS Washington D.C. locality Payscale ($102,811).

Location: Manama, Bahrain

Posted Date: 6/1/2020

Job Requirements

Specialized Experience Specialized Experience demonstrates that the applicant has acquired, and is able to apply, a combination of specific knowledge, skills and abilities appropriate to this Foreign Service position. All qualifying Specialized Experience must be of a progressively responsible nature and must have been acquired from supporting one or more senior individuals. All such experience MUST have been performed within the last 10 years. For the minimum required years of Specialized Experience necessary relative to the highest level of completed education, please see the Education Requirements section.To qualify as a Specialized Experience, the duties MUST have a combination of the components listed below of at least 60% of the work duties. Examples of Specialized Experience include, but are not limited to: Working with projects that require specialized knowledge of engineering drawings and designs; Working with projects that require specialized knowledge of safety functions and applicable building codes; Managing and administering preventative and non-preventative maintenance programs; and Managing the financial aspects of a variety of contracts and supervising staff. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) The applicant’s experience, education, and training must show that they have an in-depth knowledge of their field and possess the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) to successfully perform facility management and/or facility management duties at Department of State facilities worldwide. 1. Demonstrated experience managing and overseeing the routine and non-routine maintenance and repair of large commercial and residential buildings and/or an inventory of multiple properties to include maintenance of the grounds, HVAC systems, plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems, elevators, automated voltage regulator systems, uninterrupted power supply equipment, generators, and the structural aspects of buildings. 2. Demonstrated knowledge of architectural and engineering drawings and designs, building information modeling, building codes, fire/life safety detection and suppression systems, environmental management best practices and procedures applicable to facility management, minor renovation and construction projects. 3. Applying quality control and assurance practices to preventative and non-preventative maintenance, minor renovation and construction projects, maintenance scheduling techniques, demonstrated use of computerized maintenance management systems, building automation systems, project management software, and AutoCAD. 4. Managing financial elements of contracts for maintenance and repair services, minor renovation and construction, equipment replacement projects, reviewing contractor invoices for contract compliance, analyzing and negotiating contractor claims and change order requests, compliance with manufacturers and contractor guaranties and warranties. 5. Developing strategic plans for short and long-term preventative and predictive maintenance to include the development of scopes of work, budgeting to include projects and operational budgets. 6. Determining human resource requirements through work order analysis, maintenance staff deficiencies, staff training requirements and out sourcing potential for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. 7. Recognizing maintenance and repair problems, developing options for action and recommending solutions to include preparing work orders, cost implications, sustainability awareness and energy savings. 8. Displaying effective leadership and supervision of staff to include positions of project team leader, program and/or project management role, team building and consensus building skills with colleagues, supervisors and subordinates. 9. Demonstrating effective verbal and written communications skills with technical and non-technical personnel, use of standard computer software for presentations, fiscal monitoring and daily communication. Applicants must demonstrate a strong command of the English language to include grammar, spelling and punctuation. Foreign Service Specialists must consistently meet a high standard for English, both written (overall structure as well as grammar, spelling and punctuation) and spoken (overall structure as well as delivery, clarity and succinctness). Physical Requirements Some of the essential functions of the job have a physically demanding component. In the execution of the duties and tasks listed above, Facility Managers MUST have: The ability to work in confined areas such as crawl spaces, attics, utility pits, tunnels, manholes, and other confined spaces; The ability to work from heights such as rooftops, ledges, scaffolding, including climbing extension ladders and scaffolding; The ability to move and handle heavy objects (up to 50 pounds of weight) such as equipment, tools, and other building materials; The ability to see objects that are near, far, in color, or at night, possibly including depth perception; and The ability to hear speech or other sounds, possibly including sufficient sensitivity to hear sounds of low volume or in noisy environments.
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June 1, 2020
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